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Tov Chiropractic


Meaning of “TOV”

TOV, is a Hebrew word used in the book of Genesis. It means “good”, “beautiful”, “working the way it was created to”. At TOV Chiropractic we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal from the inside out, the way it was created to do so. Our bodies are capable of so much, as long as we take care of them.

Mission Statement 

Our mission at TOV Chiropractic is to give Mankato, and the surrounding areas, the truest and most dependable source of healthcare. We want to serve our community through neurologically based chiropractic care, allowing individuals to heal from the inside out. Our desire is to help individuals and families reach their full health potential so they can function the way God intended.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community that can live free of their health concerns, and find a freedom that allows them to live life to their fullest potential.


Our goal at TOV Chiropractic is to educate individuals on a more natural approach to health care. We want people to know they have options when it comes to making decisions in regards to their health and the health of their family. At TOV Chiropractic it is our desire to make this generation healthier than the generations before them through Neurologically-Based Chiropractic care.






I’m Jessica.

In 2002, I started using the Tarot as a tool to tap my intuition for clarity on major life issues. I further developed my skills as a reader by providing guidance to family and friends in their times of need. In early 2018, I discovered my calling to help others and started reading for clients outside of my inner circle.

Yes, I Am a Geek Girl!

What defines a “geek” is that they are super-passionate about quirky topics. For me, this includes PHP/Javascript coding, video games, role-playing games (including LARPs), cosplay, the occasional graphic novel, business (I get excited about entrepreneurial stuff), theology, metaphysics, and of course… Tarot!


Get to Know Me

  • Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Moon Sign: Aquarius
  • Rising Sign: Capricorn
  • Myers-Briggs: INFP
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, sushi, and breaded mushrooms
  • Favorite alcoholic beverage: Red wine (Apothic)
  • I was born and grew up in Wisconsin, and now live in Minnesota. My favorite color being purple has NOTHING to do with the Minnesota Vikings. I’m “meh” about sports
  • Besides reading Tarot, I am a business analyst, web application developer, and LARP (live action role-playing game) organizer and collaborator
  • For fun, I play video games, hang out with friends, and cook massive amounts of food (never learned to cook for just two)


Natural Healing

Natural Healing Candles, Oils, Sage, Books, Salt Lamps & Music~ Finding the right book is easy, these books have been hand selected for the Expo, featuring topics on Life after Death, Angels, Ascension, Science & Spirituality, New Age, Crystals, Chakras, and more.  From Mother Nature, Himalayan Salt Lamps, produces negative ions that are good for you, and is a renewable resource.   100% Pure Palm wax Candles to work on your Chakras, with essential oil, sweet grass. sage, banners, elixirs, tapestries, jewelry, crystals,  & more.





If Just for Today, Relax

Vibration Sound Therapy:
A relaxation technique using vibration of singing bowls placed directly on the body. The gentle sounds and vibrations of the bowls take you beyond regular relaxation and stimulates healing. VST calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, alleviates aches and pains, and improves the mood of the client.
A healing technique where the practitioner channels healing energy to the client to activate natural healing. It restores physical and emotional wellbeing. Reiki benefits everyone who experiences it. Reiki is known to relieve pain, speed healing, relax the client and balance there energy.
Diane Goossen
If Just for Today, Relax LLC

winged energy healing


A welcome, by founder and manager, Gina. 

Shamanic Healing, Oracle Reading, Classes, R
eiki Healing, House/Ground Clearing and Blessing, and 'Empowerment Ceremonies' from the Great Council of Divine Grandmothers, are a central part of the offerings at Winged Energy Healing. 

Gifted in Divine centered practices:

Gina offers Divine Light Quantum Healings, Oracle Readings, Shamanic Healings & Classes, and facilitates Empowerment Ceremonies with the Great Council of Divine Grandmothers.

In answer to the call from the small inner-voice that asks to explore and tend to others' spiritual journeys, while being empowered through Divine Love and guidance.  The Divine continues to nourish the power of Yin and Yang throughout the universe. 


Oracle Reading:  Clarity on Love, Relationships, Career & more!​

​Enjoy the feeling of 'Knowing' rather than 'Worry'

Jack was torn; there was so much information to sort and nothing seemed certain.  His relationship was in question and he was offered a position with another firm.  What should he decide: was his relationship over; would it benefit him more to stay or leave his current employer?  When he heard what spirit shared with him, through the Oracle, his confusion was cleared and his tensions were eased.  His path was clear and knowing replaced worry.

What will the Oracle share with you?


An Oracle Reading

The Shaman of the Nordic Tradition held the High Seat Ceremony, it was an important event to the survival of their village.  In this vast ceremony, Shamans would sit on a high bench in the center of the mecca.  Villagers would come in droves to ask the Oracles questions about their lives. 

​Many questions would be centered around their very survival; health, livestock, harvesting and questions that pertained to their quality and continuance of life.  The Shaman, acting as Oracles, would go to "The Place Where the Answers Are,"and procure from the guides and helping spirits, answer to the questions.

In these Oracle Reading sessions, Gina goes to "The Place Where the Answers Are", and divines the answers to your questions.



Minas Gerais Brazilian Crystals

Retail & Wholesale

Exclusively at the show=2 Days only.



PT Rocks




The Mysteries of Egypt Revealed



What if the ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt were more than a tourist destination or burial grounds for dead royalty? What if the entire length of the Nile and the specific placement of the temples could be interpreted in an easy understand blueprint for human spiritual transformation? What if the inscriptions on the temple walls could support this interpretation as an eternal text book for spiritual enlightenment?

In this seminar I will explain an interpretation of the “gods” of Egypt as a blueprint of each of us. You will learn the connection of the Seven Chakras to the temples and the Nile River. You will see examples of and supporting information presented on the temple walls. And I will also share my experiences, including my three nights spent in the Great Pyramid, that altered my understanding of who we are and my interpretation of “God”.


Thomas Maiello has been involved with Unity for almost 30 years and an enthusiastic spiritual student setting out to prove Unity Principles and Universal Law. He has a BS in Zoology, an MS in Environmental Science, and is currently working on a PhD in Metaphysics. He has studied ACIM for over 30 years.

Sunday 2:30pm June 7th

Featured Presentation $15 advance tickets

$20 at the Door.


Divine Healing Heart Ministry



We offer you complete authentic, holistic and ethical services for healing Mind, Body & Spirit and for cleansing your home, property, office and life!! All done through identifying & rectifying blockages & imbalances, personal/ residential cleansing/ detoxing, spiritual/ life coaching, master reiki healing & classes, spiritual surgery, reconnective healing, shamanic & animal guides, crystal healing, body talk & karmic release, theta healing, quantum physics, dowsing, intuitive knowings, clairvoyance, nutritional coaching and other multiple modalities are used. In addition we do oracle card, channeled medium messages, angel messages and past life readings.




Mindful Spiritual Living


Meet Diana and Roger at the Modern Spiritual Living Booth. Have a Past Life reading by Diana. Learn how past lifetimes are affecting you. Also, experience Crystal Soothing Tumbled Stones. Run your fingers through delicate tumbled stones and feel rejuvenated. We offer comprehensive workshops, spiritual coaching sessions, and products that help you create stress free spiritual living. Special emphasis is on discovering your true-life purpose, angel communication, and trusting your intuition. Visit our website:


Effective Spirit Guide/Angel communication

  • Trusting your hunches and intuition
  • Understanding your True Life Purpose
  • Our purpose is to help you find answers and start an enjoyable, mindful life. There is hope.

    Diana and Roger offer mindful workshops, classes, and private consultations. As a result, these services will give you deeper insights that will help you transcend any negativity.


  • What is Your 6th Sense? Is it ESP? New Insights


    Learn from Master Metaphysician Roger Ringo little known insights on your 6th Sense, also known as ESP, that will improve your relationships.  Your 6th Sense reveals cutting edge secrets that will be the difference between surviving and living an abundant life. Strengthen your Law of Attraction! The 6th Sense and Extra Sensory Perception are different phrases describing the same experience. Discover how Inner Knowing, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Psychometry are already an integral part of your life. Attend this session and learn insights few people know.

Namaste Ray

 Namaste Therapy - Ray is a Chi and Crystal Energy Therapist who provides custom crystals to help you balance your Chakras, improve sleep, and keep you energetically cleared.  Crystals and gemstones will be available for purchase.




Lakota Made LLC


Sustainably harvested wild plant medicinals & eco friendly personal care products.

Herbal Teas

Personal care products:
Shampoo Body Bars
Deodorant Bars
Lotion bars
Facial Bars

Lakota Made is a fundraising effort of the Mahkato Revitalization Project of Mankato Minnesota. The Mahkato Revitalization Project (MRP)which is a 501c3 non-profit that was created to teach cultural education and cultural preservation efforts. Through traditional medicinal practices, cultural educational presentations and make-n-take classes the mission is to bring Dakota and Lakota education opportunities to South Central Minnesota to combat racism, teach history and culture of the Dakota and Lakota Peoples and bring about entrepreneurial opportunities for Native American Young Adults and Youth.
The Mahkato Revitalization Project is just in its beginning stages so no website yet and fundraising to obtain a website, logo, and print materials. All funds received from salves, balms, syrups etc will go towards this effort.
All traditional medicines have been harvested by Megan L. Schnitker (Bull Bear) and her children who are learning the traditional medicines. Megan is an enrolled Sicangu Lakota of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe located in South Central South Dakota. Her father is hereditary Chief of the Kiyaksa Band of the Oglala Lakota’s Chief Bull Bear.




Angel Paintings


Sue Babbit~ I am an intuitive artist. I am guided by the Angels that are with each individual I paint for. The colorful paintings are a reminder of the unconditional love and support each of us has from the Angelic beings of light around us. The colors and the placement of the colors, are chosen by the Angels around each individual. The paper color is chosen by them as a personal message, also. The painting, along with a description sheet for the colors used, will give you a visual message of how they are or how they can support you. The support can be for your personal life or it can be support for your efforts helping others. Remember, you are never alone. They are always with you and always supporting you with unconditional love. All you need to do is ask them to go to work for you.










Gem Designs & Lip Designs



Kaya White-Psychic Medium







Birch Tree Mendhi-Henna










Share International


Share International ~    It is with great pleasure that we share with you information about the Emergence of Maitreya—the World Teacher for all humanity. We believe that, in time, Maitreya will be seen as fulfilling the expectations of the world’s traditions, religious or non-religious, for a “Coming One”—whether as Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. At this time of great political, economic, and social crisis, Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, peace and global cooperation.